The Black Madonna

This is the newest of the “Sacred Bird” paintings.  The Black Madonna is 7″x7″ and is watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.   The Latin translation reads:  I am black and beautiful.  I realize that in the painting, the Madonna has a raven’s head and a pink body but that is because the painting is inspired by a painting of a European woman and her little baby.  I found myself thinking that if I paint him pale (as I usually do), which makes me laugh, I should paint her to match.  Oh, the decisions we artist must face.  I call her black because her head is black.


Blast from the Past!

Paintings of Bart and Blake.  Thanks Andy for the photo!  The skyline of San Miguel de Allende is the background for both paintings.  13335787_10206183612215943_1891563300667904102_n