Hybrid Painting

Ace of Cups. Egg tempera with oil glazes on wood panel. It measures about 14″ x 11″. There is a lot to say about this painting. Aces are beginnings because they are the first or number one. Cups represent love and compassion and emotions. They hold things like you would hold things in your heart. They are also very feminine as they have a stylized shape of a woman’s uterus which is receptive like a cup. That is why Dan Brown, in his book “The Davinci Code”, brought up the theory that the search for the holy grail was actually the search for Mary Magdalene (the partner of Jesus) and her bloodline.

In my painting, I refer to a different Mary as the chalice or the Holy Grail…the Mother of God (Mary) which is what the Greek says in the corners of the painting. The snake is a common symbol in Christianity as the tempter Lucifer. However, in Hinduism, the snake, which is also called Kundalini, is the sacred life force that rests in the base chakra which is important for many reasons. It is the force that causes life when a woman gets pregnant and also when the time is ripe, the Kundalini or snake will rise up certain channels to the crown chakra and the goddess Kundalini will join with her lover Shiva, causing enlightenment. The butterfly appears as a symbol of rebirth and transformation (yes, I use that symbol a lot). The 20 sided die is the reference to God. The 20 sided die is used as a life counter in Dungeons and Dragons (yes, I am a total nerd). I added astrological symbols to show that life is a web and we are affected by the stars (a simple example is how the moon affects women and the tides). The astrological symbols also refer to elements like the center symbol of the circle with a dot in it is also the symbol for gold. The painting will be available for purchase in the near future.

I call it a hybrid because the background (niche) is egg tempera with oil glazes while the objects are painted in oil.