Sacred Birds

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These paintings were originally done in watercolor and gold on watercolor paper.  There are several originals still available.  High-quality digital prints (formerly called giclee’s) are available for purchase.  I apply the gold and sign them before framing so they look very much like the original watercolors.  If you have any questions about purchasing one of the Sacred Bird prints or for the availability of one of the remaining originals, click on the “contact me” link above.  Prices are $75 (plus shipping) per print for 2016.  I give a 5% discount if you buy more than one.



The word of life made flesh by the deed of the Creator.

Adam was there in the beginning. Was he the first? We shall never know for sure. He was living in constant bliss, at one with the Creator when something surprising happened. His partner, Eve, had set several things in motion that changed everything. Eve’s actions greatly affected Adam’s thoughts.  One thought in particular entered his mind and that was the thought that he was separate from the Creator…that he wasn’t connected with “all that is”.  In essence, he fell from grace.  He immediately clothed himself in fig leaves.  With his partner, they left the Garden of Eden.  He didn’t understand that the separation was only a thought.  It was only in his mind.  It wasn’t real!


The Archbishop

Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. Amen, Alleluia.

It was in the middle of Mass that the Archbishop had her awakening. After many years as Celebrant, there was really little meaning, and, no magic behind all of the words…until today. It happened in the tiny space between two words. In that brief silence, the Archbishop heard the voice of God and woke up! As an omen, the Holy Spirit flew down with a host in it’s mouth as a gift.

The Archbishop had a new mission, to stop the Burning Bush from causing more murders and more disasters. The insanity had to end! She had a heavy responsibility from here on out and even to the end of her days.


The Black Swan King

Let our sleep be free from care; let not the enemy snatch us away, nor flesh conspire with him, and make us guilty in your sight.

Oh, how King David hated the idols of the people. It seemed that every day, more and more of them were showing up. In his deep concern for his subjects, he knew something must be done, but what?

He had a dream and in the dream he received a message from the Archangel Raphael. Raphael was reading from a holy book and said to the King, “Your answer can be found in the stars”.

When the King awoke the next morning, he was filled with a strange desire. He knew what must be done but he was unsure how to do it. He called all of his wise men and women and all of his magicians together and told them of his dream. One of the wise men, an evil man, had a suggestion, If the answer lies in the stars, my King, then should we not perform the sacred rite and call down the stars to destroy these idols? This rite was performed years ago when Babylon was in great need. The stars spun in the heavens and fell to earth bringing light and swift justice!”

King David agreed with this advice. All of the people were invited to watch. And, from his high tower, King David and his wise men and woman and his magicians performed the sacred rite and called down the stars. The stars came rushing down to earth striking all of the idols and destroying them. There was nothing left but ashes where the idols once stood.

When King David arrived at his castle, he found his staff distraught and crying for the Queen had been killed by one of the falling stars. It would seem that King David worshipped his wife and loved the air she breathed and even the grass underneath her feet. In his bitter despair, he wasted away and died within a few weeks. In death he was convinced that he had been abandoned by God.

The evil advisor performed the funeral rites for both the King and the Queen with a smile playing about his lips. But, as the procession moved the bodies into the catacombs, the advisor became disoriented and was separated from the rest of the people. He wandered in the darkness until he finally died of thirst. Only the mummies were there for him at his end.

We must always be careful what we ask for.

Blessed Mary Ever Virgin

Madonna and Child

Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin.

The Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary saying, “You are the chosen one. You shall immaculately conceive a child that will grow up to be our Lord and Savior”.

When the exact moment arrived (as was foretold in the Holy Book of Miranda) the child, protected by a white shell, sprang forth from Mary’s body and floated in the air. There was no pain for Mary, only joy and a sense of fulfillment. All of the creatures in the forest were still as they silently gave thanks for the holy birth. The silence was broken by a solitary vole that screamed out, “Amen dicant omnia!” (Let all things say amen!) And, they did.


The Cardinal Cardinal – Blessed Henry of Albano

In our grief he is our comfort and the cure for our anxieties.

He was born completely enlightened as the newest incarnation of the Bodhisattva Manjusri. Over many lifetimes, he has lived as a dog, a cat, a frog, a butterfly, a killer whale, a gold fish, a cow, a goat, an earthworm, a lady bug, a woman (six times), and a man (five times). However, being born a cardinal into a family of Catholic was completely unexpected and unplanned.

He attended Catholic schools and finally entered the seminary somewhere in Oklahoma. Becoming a priest seemed like a very difficult task for a Bodhisattva but it wasn’t really. Though his limitations as a bird were many, he was able to touch many lives with his generous spirit, even as a Christian bird.

He was heard saying that chanting the following is guaranteed to bring enlightenment:

“Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhih”


Christ in the Desert

All ye that pass by, attend and see!

My love, I had a dream about you last night. I saw you wandering in the desert, crowned with thorns. Could this be a foretelling, a vision of the future? The Devil appeared before you and said that he would tempt you three times. But, I was able to see into your heart and there I saw the flower of our love which was protecting you from his evilness. When his temptations had no effect on you, he changed shape and became a withered bush that burned as brightly as the sun. His laughter seemed to follow me and I could still hear it echoing in my bedroom as I awoke this morning. It chilled me to the bone.

My love, what does this mean? You warned me that all things must pass away but so soon? It seems that I just found you!

No, please don’t worry. Just rest your head on my breast and sleep and I will keep you safe. Sleep. Sleep.


    Maria Magdalena



My eyes became dim with weeping for he is far from me that consoled me.

At the moment the decision for the great book was made, there was a great omen. The Alpha and The Omega burned clearly in the sky. Unbeknownst to Constantine, there were wheels within wheels set into motion, plans within plans, and all things would be touched by his decision from this moment forward. There were ripples sent out in all direction that wouldn’t become clear until the coming of the Burning Bush whose words appear as shiny as gold but really come out upside down and backwards and are misleading and reek of death.

Oh, Saint Constantine, what have you done?


The Sibyl Cucullata

Note: The Sibyl Cucullata predicted the time of the death of our Savior, Corazon.

On dark nights, sitting around their fires, many parents scare their children with tales of the Sibyl Cucullata. After all, she prophesied the brutal death of the Savior Corazon (may her name live forever!). While the story of how Corazon died will have to wait for another time, the story of this sibyl is usually told in whispers.

It was brutally cold and the sky was pale blue but dusk was quickly approaching. From a stand of pine trees, hidden within shadows, the Sibyl Cucullata stood watching as the body of the Savior was carried to its final resting place by worshippers and loved ones. Just inside Corazon’s marble crypt, the body was cleansed with water and fragrant soaps and rubbed with magical oils and unguents in preparation for her final transformation. The body was then cocooned in gauzes and silks and wrapped with colorful ribbons which where tied with special knots that could be untied by reciting a spell should the Savior regain consciousness and rise from the dead (the words of the spell were lost many years ago when the last of the original disciples died). There was much grief and anguish and the tears of all present drenched the shroud, staining the silk wrapping.

Eventually, everyone left the crypt and it was sealed with molten lead and spelled locks to keep out the grave robbers and followers of the Burning Bush. At that very moment, when the sealing was finished, all present thought they saw a great shadow fall upon the sealed door. A huge cracking noise shook the earth and the door to the crypt fell in two pieces and the wrappings of the Savior was strewn about the ground but the body was nowhere to be found. Cucullata spoke from within the pines, “my work is now done for the savior is dead!”

Some say that the Savior’s body was stolen by the sibyl. Some say she is the angel of death. Some say she used the body of the Savior in her dark ceremonies. This is all ridiculous and was told to scare children and the simple minded.

As we all know, this is not the end of the story and Cucullata went on to make many other prediction, all of which came true.



When she poured the wine, she handed it with a kiss; delighting the eyes, she held the world in thrall!

Delilah, my love, it is you that are the most fair. Your mouth tastes of the sweetest wine and your voice is the song of the canary. Your skin is velvet against mine. And, when I look into your eyes that are blacker than onyx, I feel myself falling as if from a great height only to land in the softness of your arms. To you, my love, I am lost entirely!

Truly yours,



Delilah Escapes!

Then I loved Delilah, a tender slip of a girl, fresh and young in body but a vixen in deceit!

She quickly rose from lowly bar-maid to queen. She clothed herself in her lies and deceptions. It was miraculous to watch as she could appear to be different people at different times. Like a giant spider, weaving falsehoods together to form huge webs for her own benefits, when her web started to unravel, her life was in jeopardy.

She had sold everything of value to flee except one of the blood rubies which was beyond price, so, she disquised herfelf as best as she could with bed sheets and a crown of woven twigs and paper stars. She left at dusk, hoping that the coming darkness would hide her poor disquise and rushed to the sea hoping to steal a fisherman’s boat. Unfortunately, she was never heard from again.



It is difficult to resist what the taste of the apple offers!

Eve blamed herself for everything that happened. You know, she is considered the first witch? It isn’t really true, for that was Lilith of course. Eve was simply vulnerable to the advice of the orange snake that told her to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (which was actually a pomegranate and not an apple).

When she tasted the fruit, she was overwhelmed with guilt and felt separated from her creator for the first time. She was filled with fear and thought God would punish her. Oh, the mistakes we make when fearful. God didn’t care about the fruit tree! In fact, the snake was actually one of the many manifestations of God.

Eve told Adam what she had done and they fled the Garden of Eden, never to return. They will eventually realize that the garden lives within them and is around them always and they will be welcomed back when they forgive themselves.


Saint Susanna

You are fairer than the children of men, and grace is poured out on your lips. Amen.

The beloved Saint was standing at the waters edge preparing to disperse the Holy Teachings when she was discovered by the followers of the Burning Bush. She quickly swallowed the parchment before it could be grabbed and polluted by the wicked. Her punishment was instantaneous. She was beheaded. The sword, covered in her blood was wrenched out of her attacker’s hands by an invisible force and was assumed into the heavens in a flash of golden light. Her murderers, in the confusion, didn’t see her golden crown being hidden away. The crown, ringed with four chips of the sacred Blood Rubies, has recently been proven to have powers to heal even the most severe of mortal wounds. The Saint’s body was washed out to sea. I was told by an old woman on the Island of Orcas, that when the body and the head of the saint came together far out at sea, she became whole again and sprang up to do God’s work against the Burning Bush!


The Broken Runestones

The People That Walked In Darkness Have Seen A Great Light!

The Saint stood in front of the rune stones as the followers of the Burning Bush attacked. Their axes swung in huge, violent arcs and smashed the ancient pillars. Years of mystical teachings were destroyed in seconds. The body of the Saint was broken and sliced while trying to protect the beautiful stones. In the instant of her death, her heart burst into flames, filled with her overwhelming love of the magic she longed to protect. And, her dying words reflected her great compassion…

“Forgive him, for he is ignorant and knows not what he does!”. With that, she passed beyond the veil.

May she be blessed forever!


Saint Apollonia

You glow red like the dawn and burn like the sun’s fire.

I eventually welcomed the fire for the flames had enveloped me and yet I was unharmed. The eye saw all of this and a voice spoke just a single word, “fifteen”. What does it mean?

I awoke in the darkness, aware of my losing.  My heart all in flames and all so confusing.  It’s only my soul I see I’m abusing, it’s torn and it’s shredded and all my own choosing! I’m longing for freedom, I’m longing for you.  Yet, I thrash and I struggle And welcome the bruising.


Saint Barbara

Now, a new star shines that will take away all evil!

As gentle as a dove, Saint Barbara lived in her tower, high above all earthly concerns. Her prayers were a beacon of light, straight to God, the Mother. Barbara’s many followers would come and sit for hours on the grass and listen to her teachings of love and forgiveness.

When the Burning Bush heard of these teachings, he sent a thunderhead to strike her tower with deadly lightning. The Saint was trapped and killed inside the tower but she died filled with peace while kneeling at her round window praying to God.

Her good deeds and kind words had fallen like fertile seeds upon the fields around her tower. Upon her death, they sprouted and became fields of red poppies surrounding the hills where her tower now stands in ruin. The children come and play in the fields and pick vases of the poppies. These poppies are stained red with the blood of the Saint and serve as a reminder of her kindness.

She is our inspiration, our hope!


Saint Donatus

I caught hold of the pillars and destroyed the whole building! Triumphing I am tormented, tormentedly I triumph.

The only thing we know about Donatus was that he was an architect and built a famous pagan temple in Eastern Spain. The story goes that he had a vision of the Blessed Virgin just before the temple was finished and had a change of heart. He called down lightning to destroy the temple. A small fragment of one of the pillars flew into his right eye, blinding him instantly during the destruction. From that moment on, he wandered from village to village healing the blind by brushing their faces with palm fronds. This is all we know.


Saint Augustine

Lord have Mercy, Christ have mercy.

While standing in his garden, amongst hollyhocks and columbines, daisies, roses, and delphiniums, Saint Augustine accepted into his body the burning tongues of the Holy Spirit. Oh, this was long in coming. His life had been heading in a completely selfish direction and he sensed the futility and hollowness of his life, so far. His heart was breaking and felt as if it had literally been pierced by the arrow which shatters all illusion.

While surrounded by dancing butterflies, the clouds parted and he saw the face of God. In that moment, his past mistakes dropped away and he become one with his god-nature.


Saint Goar

Though our eyes are filled with sleep, keep our hearts forever awake to you! Let your right hand protect your loving servants!

The Dark Night of the Soul

The night was dark and moonless.  My heart, consumed by flames of desire, I arose and slipped out unseen while all about were peacefully still.

Wrapped in velvety darkness, I quietly took the hidden stairs and found my way by touch while those, unknowing, slept as if in death.

O though, most lovely night!  With none about I fled in secrecy needing no map or light as a guide, just the longing in my breast.

It was love’s face that drew me on, far brighter than themoon or sun, to where he longed for me!  This was our secret, holy place.

O night so warm and still.  O night more glorious than the brightest day!  O night that fused the lover to his beloved.  Each of them transformed into the other.

In my arms, kept solely for him, I held my beloved as he slept.  And, caresssing I loved him gently in a breeze perfumed by cedar trees.

From over the caste wall, a gentle wind stirred his hair and with his hand he brushed my neck and all my senses fell away.

I lost myself entirely to him.  Resting my face upon my lover’s chest, my sorrows and cares drifted away…all forgotten among the lilies, forgotten among the lilies, among

the lilies so fair!

The poem was inspired by “Dark Night of the Soul” by John of the Cross.


The Hermit

Remember us who bear the burden of this mortal form. You are the defender of our soul. Be near to us O Lord!

In the deepest and darkest velvety blackness you dwell. Hidden away from all noise and distractions you contemplate life. And yet, even in all of my ignorance, I know that life has no meaning unless it is lived in service to others. Please come forth! Please help us. You are being called to shine your light in the darkness!


Saint Ferdinand III

Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy!

Under the direction of this, the Lord High Inquisitor, many sinners and fallen were put to death. However, in the 23rd year after becomming a priest, a woman named Rosalba, was brought before him accused of heresy for speaking harshly in public against the church. She told how her child had been playing in the street when the Bishop’s carriage passed by. Her child fell under the wheels and his leg was broken and the Bishop refused to stop and aid the child. She then sealed her fate by climbing the steps of the cathedral and demanding an apology from the Bishop.

It is common knowlege that it is a sin to question the actions of a Bishop and when he heard of her speech, he ordered her death.

At that time, the Lord High Inquisitor was visiting Santiago de Compostella and agreed to hear this woman’s complaint. When the Inquisitor saw Rosalba he instantly lost his heart. As he heard her speak he was entranced by the singing quality of her impassioned words. Her perfume filled his nose and lungs and he was truly lost. In his mind, he plotted their escape together. He fantasized their flight across Spain while being chased by the church. His heart beat faster as his excitement reached a fever pitch.

He stopped her speech and told her of his plan. He explained his love in flowery word and in simple ones (for she was a simple woman with no education). He could tell from her face that she was disgusted. The Lord High Inquisitor had made a horrible mistake. Rosalba ran from the building and climbed the steps of the Cathedral and renounced the Inquisitor for his profession of love.

The Lord High Inquisitor left calmly for those of the church have great power and command respect. He stepped into his own carriage and left Santiago de Compostella. When his driver asked about their destination, he was told to continue on to the sea where a boat was to be hired to take him to France. In France, The Lord High Inquisitor shed his robes and crosses and his jewelry. The jewelry he sold to begin his new life. Because he honored his heart and took the greatest of risks he eventually became truly free!


Saint John

A clear voice resounds and cries out against the darkness! Amen, Alleluia.

The night air was velvet warm on my skin. The fields of wildflowers stretched for miles in all directions. Columbines and asters and delphiniums surrounded me as I was blown about by the night wind on a sea of dark green leaves.
In a clearing, surrounded by foxglove and mint stood John the Divine, waiting to show me the Holy Grail. It was sitting on a book (thinking back, I remember that the book’s title was simply “Lux”). There was a serpent issuing from the chalice and it spoke of flames and burning leaves. I had a very difficult time understanding the serpent except for those few words.

At that point the Saint interrupted the serpent and told me of the horrors the serpent was predicting. He said to me that the vile snake was speaking of the coming of the Burning Bush. The Saint was frightened of what this meant for he had seen in a dream that there was a bush on fire and it had a magical voice and was able to numb the people to violence and anger. He then told me that it was responsible for the death of Saint Sebastian.
I was then told to search out this Burning Bush and find out all I could before the moon turned full again. I vowed to return.  The snake simply laughed.


Saint Edward the Confessor

We praise you. We bless you. We adore you. We glorify you.

Just as the sun was setting the saint appeared saying, “Luna, the queen, has given me this scepter. It holds one of the blood rubies and is precious above all things. It is a symbol of death but also of life. There are eight more rubies to be found and when they are gathered together a new order will begin.”

So, it shall be done!


The Magician – Saint Cyprian

What gives you such physical strength, such mightiness of heart? Do you prevail through divine power or through magical incantations?

When the sun and the moon appear in the sky at the same moment and appear close together, the time is ideal for the ceremony of revelations. The energy of both heavenly bodies creates great energy that can be harnessed if you have the training.
All four symbols must be present when you recite the words. You must have the sword that cuts through ignorance and stupidity. And, you must include a pentacle, representing all physical things. The cup is used to hold things and represents emotions that flow like wine. And, finally, you must have a growing branch or wand which symbolizes energy and passion for life.

Repeat three times slowly while thinking of the information you wish to know:

“Blessed Sibyls and Prophets; Blessed Corazon, whose name shall live forever; Blessed Archangels and Saints, hear me, your humble servant as I cry out for insight!  Let my vision be true!  Let me see…. (speak your desire). And, so it is.”


Saint Margarita

Precious Pearl, You Are More Beautiful Than A Lily

In a stone house, overlooking the Irish coast at Skibbereen, Margarita stood looking out to sea when a premonition overtook her. She had always heard of the “sight” from her mother but had never shown any talent in the mystical family gift at all. In fact, she had been embarrassed for years for trying to guess at cards but always failing.

A heavy sensation seemed to be pressing on her chest and her blood had turned to ice water. She began to shake with a chill when she seemed to leave her body and found herself standing on the rocky promontory, jutting out to sea just north of her home. In her vision she saw a small ship sailing toward the rocks at reckless speed. She tried to yell a warning but realized no sound was coming from her mouth. She stood petrified as the ship moved ever closer to the boulders.

When she remembered this was simply the “sight”, she willed herself onto the deck of the vessel. The crew was looking in the wrong direction, distracted by a school of dolphins jumping out of the water with glee. Margarita tried once more to yell a warning but found she could make no sound at all. It felt, to her, as if something was lodged in her throat. She coughed and a large silver pearl came rising up out of her mouth and into the sky shining as brightly as the moon! The sailors immediately turned toward the light and now facing the right direction spotted the rocks in time to sail around them and to safety.

When Margarita snapped out of her vision, she turned and looked back out of the window in her home and saw the ship with the red flag moving back out to sea. She laughed to herself knowing her experience had been true and said a prayer of thanksgiving to The Mother. As she walked out of the door and into the sun, a ring of stars appeared around her head that could sometimes be seen when Margarita was in a particularly good mood.

This story was told to me by Margarita’s daughter who was also known as “my pearl”.


The Sibyl Miranda

The light shown in the darkness, and the darkness didn’t understand it. Amen.

Note: The Sibyl Miranda predicted the birth of the Savior, Corazon.

Born the thirteenth daughter of a famous weaver of mystical tapestries, she was destined for a life of heartache and magic. Upon hatching, Miranda was unable to breathe because a thin membrane or caul covered her face. This, as you know, is the sign—the omen of the birth of a great sibyl. He mother knew and understood the meaning of this omen and kept the membrane in a red velvet bag hidden under her bed for many years until the bag was eventually opened and it was discovered that the membrane had mysteriously disappeared or had been taken. In those days it was thought that drinking a special tea made of one part mint (for taste) and one part hens bane and two parts spotted mug wart and then the crushed caul of a female child would cure dropsy and chilblains and virtually eliminate scurvy, rickets, dandruff, and scrofulous mange or the most dramatic nature; therefore, it is my belief that it was probably stolen!

Miranda felt the heaviness on her heart as she grew for she knew she was destined for greatness. Her mother never told her about her ominous birth and so when her first prediction was made, it came as a complete surprise. This first event happened on an early Monday morning in the late spring and went as follows (this was written down by the twelfth daughter, Gertrude, who was working crosswords at the time):

I am but a hollow shell, filled with the holiest of spirits. And, I was born to fill the people with light and let them know that they shouldn’t fear. They needn’t quake with doubt, for there shall be born to us a creature the likes of which the Earth has never seen.

Born of a virgin, a savior shall come And her name shall be called Corazon. Many great and terrible things will she face Many trials and tribulations shall be upon her as she seeks to save all of Humankind.

She will be born covered in fur And have a tail. And, because she is covered with spots she will single handedly start a fad causing people to collect all things that are spotted.  This I have seen!

Miranda then went on to make many more predictions and was sought out by many important people such as ambassadors and presidents and world leaders. But, that is another story.

The Mother of God

Alleluia! Hail, Mother of God, you are full of grace. The Lord is with thee.

At the moment of his painful death, the son shivered and then was completely still. The Grail Cup tipped over and the wine soaked into the hot sands. The sky filled with clouds preparing to cry out at this injustice. The Son is dead!

The mother, distraught at the sight of her son’s death could be heard singing this song:

O, vos omnes, qui transitis per viam, attendite et videte si est dolor similis, sicut dolor meus!

All you that pass by this way, Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow!

Her tears fell heavily to earth and nurtured the small plants.

Dear Mother, rejoice for he is not here…he is gone! One must die in order to be reborn. Rejoice, for the change has come upon us all.


Saint Philip Beniti of Todi (August 23)

Yet as I threw you away, I felt violent thirst. But, He showed me water that satisfied my thirst!

Life, for Saint Philip, was filled with a deep thirst for many things…money, nice things, and above all love. The problem for Philip was that he believed that God wanted him to relinquish all such desires and live a life of simplicity and loneliness. He believed that it was through hardship that he would win God’s favor.

One night he fell asleep at the top of a mountain where he dreamed that there was a blackbird buried under a rock. When he rose early in the cold morning, he saw the very rock from his dream and using his walking stick, he began to pry the rock loose of the dirt. Almost immediately, a blackbird flew laughing from under the large stone and away. With the rock finally loosened, water began to trickle down the face of the mountain eventually becoming a water fall. In astonishment, the saint walked away, leaving his walking stick in the dirt. The stick eventually sprouted, becoming a magnificent silver birch. The leaves of this magical tree can cure any thirst.


The Pope

Not a clamor, but love. Not talking, but a pledge. Not punishment, but heart. Make music in the ear of God.

The Pope stood in front of the giant “Rose”, stained glass window in the cathedral. Looking out at the parishioners, he new his time was almost up. The end had come at last and he felt the pressure welling up inside him because of all of the things left undone. He had only minutes left before he was to be removed by his enemies is a devious scheme that had been in the works for many weeks. He had been warned by one of the sibyls in one of her dreams.

Instead of speaking of the horrors of this world, he decided to speak of the good. As he opened his mouth to speak, he found he was talking about the sibyls and how they were finally speaking out. Their message was one of hope for the new messiah was about to be born!

These were his last words.


Samson Escapes 

Through a thousand chains and through a thousand perils, for your sake young woman, I performed these miracles!

I was there when they beat and tortured Samson. I saw them drag him through the streets. Battered and bloody he lay crumpled in the corner of his jail cell. Instead of healing herbs, he was given stinging nettle and salt mixed with the juice of a lemon. Did he ever cry out in pain? No, he didn’t make a sound. I instructed his jailers in how to best chain him to the wall. The pain of those heavy links must have been unbearable. Wearing a disguise, he never saw me.

When they interrogated him, I gave them lists upon lists of difficult question. And, when they laughed at him, I told them all of his weaknesses. These were things I knew personally. None of these tactics worked. In the end, he dashed the chains into pieces. Next, he bent the bars and flew to his freedom, all the while chanting,”Delilah, Delilah”, chanting my name.


Samson Prevails

They advanced in all their strength, with lances and swords: alone I prevailed against a thousand strengths!

Having broken free from his jail cell, Samson searched for his true love, Delilah. He faced many challenges and slew many foes that were determined to stop him. His love for Delilah proved stronger than any sword or lance. No spear was able to slow him down. Many lay dead or dying after encountering Samson while he was desperately searching for his true love.

God, appearing as a vision in the sky shed a solitary tear. Not for all of those killed for she knows that death is not an ending but she cried for Samson. Oh, he was a great man tricked by the one he loved. Delilah was a vixen of deceit and a cunning temptress, bent on his destruction. God’s tear fell to earth and landed on a tomato plant. Weeks later, Delilah ate one of its fruits and became sterile from God’s grief. She died childless, a barren husk of a woman, bitter and lonely in her old age. This is as it should be.


Satan in the Desert

Prowling through the desert, circling his prey is Satan who dashes us down. For if the mind fails, we shall perish!

With the Holy Grail ever as my guide, I wander the earth. Once, while deep in the desert, I encountered Satan dressed in fine clothes of brocade and hot pink satin. He tried to trick me and get me to stray from my quest for the Grail but I was not deterred. Oh, no! Though he was beautiful and his words were honey, I laughed at him and hurt his feelings. He tried to poke me with his trident but I was able to dodge his pathetic thrusts.

“Run away little Satan!” I yelled after him, “your house is on fire!”


Saint Sebastian

Lamb of god, you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace

St. Sebastian, the multitudes demanded your death. You were judged and found guilty of loving the wrong person. The crowds gathered and led you deep into the forest where your screams wouldn’t be heard by the children of the village. All of the angels and saints watched through the branches of the trees as you were shot with arrows. They sat by as your life blood drained away.

It is to you, Saint Sebastian that I pray to. It is you that I beg for assistance. Please help me find my true love. Shine your light in the darkness of this forest so I might find my way into the arms of my love. Thank you. Amen.


Hail Glorious Virgin!

Hail, Virgin most glorious, you are sweeter than honey. Glorious Mother of God, you are brighter than the sun.

Standing outside a small adobe home in Chimayo, New Mexico, a small girl was confronted by a snake. The rattler was aggressive and charged her. The girl, Rosalba, was bitten 4 times on her right leg. Her 68 year old grandmother, hearing the screams immediately said a prayer in Spanish for the girl to slow the deadly poison.

“And when I passed by thee and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee [when thou was] in thine own blood, LIVE; yea, I said unto thee [when thou was] in thine own blood, live!

Ezekiel 16:6 (translated from the original by the author, any mistakes a my own)

Rosalba was getting pale and the evil bites were changing to black around the edges. Her breathing was getting shallow. The grandmother was screaming for help, thinking God had abandoned her granddaughter, when the Virgin appeared. She was dressed in a red cape with silver fur around the collar. She was brighter than the sun. There was a sweet smell of honey and roses and lilies all about her and the grandmother, upon inhaling the fragrant perfumes, became quiet and calm.

The Blessed Virgin picked up a handful of the dirt and rubbed it gently on the snake bites on Rosalba’s right leg and speaking these words, “Child, get up for thy work has not yet begun”, kissed the girl gently on both of her eyes. And then suddenly was gone.

Rosalba leapt to her feat and told her grandmother that she would build a church on the site of her healing and that the dirt from that spot would be forever sacred because the Mother of God had touched it. She dedicated her life from that moment on to healing others.


The Trinity

Free us! Save us! Defend us O Trinity!

The clouds rushed in and the lightning tore the sky. It rained huge drops like angel’s tears. The Trinity appeared as was foretold in the Tulsa prophecies. The Mother peaked through the clouds and the Holy Ghost appeared as the chalice and Host and then the son as an Indigo Bunting with his heart on fire. The son spoke saying, “Let the rains drench you and wash you clean, for you are to be reborn. The time has come to know the winds of change.”

I ran home and opened all of the windows and the winds and the rain came whipping in. I feared the thunder would shatter my bones. Yes, he is right, I thought, it is time.


Saint Jerome.  Watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.  “Glory to God in the highest and peace to people of good will”.


The Holy Couple.  Watercolor and gold leaf on paper.  Latin translation:  Blessed art though among women as it shall be for all people.  This painting was inspired by the Jan Van Eyck, called the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait.  It was also inspired by the book, “The Davinci Code”, by Dan Brown.  The painting is of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (a very pregnant Mary Magdalene).  The Latin on the wall above the mirror is “Kelley Vandiver was here”.


St. Raphael, the archangel.


Saint Michael, the archangel.  Watercolor and gold on paper.


Saint Gabriel, the archangel.  Watercolor and gold on paper.


Saint Uriel, the archangel.  Watercolor and gold on paper.


Lazarus.  Watercolor and gold on paper.  Latin translation:  “Our brother shall rise again”.


Saint Christopher.  Watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.  “And, holy is his name”.


Saint Lucy.  Watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.  “The sun shines for everyone”.


Mary Magdalene.  Watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.  “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God”.


The Last Judgement. 


The Black Madonna.  Latin translation:  “I am black and beautiful”.


The Baptism.  Latin translation:  “The water of life”.



Death.  Latin translation:  “Remember man that you come from dust and unto dust you shall return”.


Saint Genesius.  Latin translation:   “Be who you are”.


Blessing Jesus.  Watercolor and 23.5K gold leaf on paper.  It measures 7″x7″.  The Latin translation is:  I am who you will be!

All Sacred Bird paintings/prints measure 7″ x 7″ (they have a plain paper border  which measures about 1.5″ all the way around).  The originals are watercolor and 23.5K gold leaf on paper.  Prints of the series are high-quality digital prints on watercolor paper with gold and signed underneath the image.  The Sacred Bird Series are copyrighted by Kelley Vandiver, 2016.