Bird Skull

Years ago I took an egg tempera class.  It was a great class but I was not really into painting traditional icons.  I was not only able to adapt the technique to my own style but I found a wonderful book by Koo Schadler, that helped me greatly.   Koo’s technique is based on many old masters that were able to successfully blend egg tempera with oil painting.  My painting is egg tempera with oil glazes. 

I don’t normally use my egg tempera supplies mostly because it is so difficult and time consuming but after investing hundreds of dollars, I felt that it was time to try using them again.  It really as been years.

The Latin is “you will die”, and was inspired by a Hans Memling painting of a human skull.  I love the ruby “third eye” stone. 

Newest Sacred Bird Paintings

Two newest in the Sacred Bird Series.

Mary Beetle.  Watercolor and 23.5K gold leaf on paper. 


Hildegard of Bingen.  Watercolor and 23.5K gold on paper.   “And the Devil laughed!”

Old Painting.

Another painting of Corazon (oil and gold leaf on wood panel).  I love the frame but I am finding it harder and harder to get these from Antonio in Mexico City. 

Saint Justina and Saint Catherine

Two new paintings.  Both measure 7″x7″ and are watercolor and gold leaf on paper. 

Saint Justina is the second painting in a series with Saint Cyprian (The Magician).  It would seem that Cyprian dabbled in black magic in order to win the heart of Justina, who was pure of heart.   Of course the magic didn’t work.  In fact, Justina was so pure of heart that she often appears with a unicorn.  In my painting, I made little Dobby, my dog, the unicorn.  He is a very special and strange creature.  The Latin translation is:  “Love Conquers All”. 

Saint Catherine.   This painting was done a few weeks ago but I am just getting around to posting it.  The Latin translation is: “She Flies on Her Own Wings”. 

Saint Brigid


Saint Brigid.  7″x7″, watercolor and gold leaf on paper.  Latin translation:  If you want to be loved, love.  This painting was inspired by the Da Vinci painting called “Lady with the Ermine”.

Alfonso Herrera Visited the Fabrica Today!

The first photo is from today.  The others are from the internet.  Alfonso is currently starring in the Netflix series Sense 8, and also in the Exorcist.  He was very kind to spend so much time taking photos with his many fans.


Latest Sacred Bird Paintings

Here are the latest in the Sacred Bird series.  I have been remiss in posting these to my website so I will get that taken care of here.   Thanks goes to Paul Haverkamp for having me revisit the series.  I am now up to 55 paintings in the series!

baptismThe Baptism (John the Baptist, Jesus, and attending angel).  7″x7″, watercolor and 23.5K gold on paper.  Latin:  Water of life.

deathDeath.  7″x7″, watercolor and 23.5K gold on paper.  Latin:  Remember man that you come from dust and unto dust you will return.

genesiusSaint Genesius.  7″ x 7″, watercolor and 23.5K gold on paper.  Latin:  Be who you are.

The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement.  Watercolor and gold leaf on paper.  It measures 7″x7″.  The Latin translation is, “The stars incline us they don’t oblige us”.  I am always so surprised when the gold leaf is photographed and it turns out looking black when in reality is it so shiny.  The first letters “A” and the stars and moon are 23K gold leaf.  I used to scan the paintings before the gold leaf and I might need to go back to doing just that in the future.