The Black Madonna

This is the newest of the “Sacred Bird” paintings.  The Black Madonna is 7″x7″ and is watercolor and 23K gold leaf on paper.   The Latin translation reads:  I am black and beautiful.  I realize that in the painting, the Madonna has a raven’s head and a pink body but that is because the painting is inspired by a painting of a European woman and her little baby.  I found myself thinking that if I paint him pale (as I usually do), which makes me laugh, I should paint her to match.  Oh, the decisions we artist must face.  I call her black because her head is black.


Blast from the Past!

Paintings of Bart and Blake.  Thanks Andy for the photo!  The skyline of San Miguel de Allende is the background for both paintings.  13335787_10206183612215943_1891563300667904102_n

Chrysalis Studio Opening

Tracy'sOpeningTracy King opened her new studio last night and it was wonderful.  It is located at the Fabrica la Aurora.  It is such a beautiful gallery.  A good time was had by all!!!

Newest Painting

This painting is “Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata”.  It is watercolor on paper with 23.5K gold and measures 7″x7″.  Francis

Old T-shirt Designs

TShirtsOMG!  When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I used to do t-shirt designs for a festival in Sand Springs, called “An Herbal Affair”.  Here are a couple of the designs (thanks Mary Anne).  These were done back in the day when screens were cut by hand and each color made the t-shirt more expensive.

Adoration of the Magi

The Adoration of the Magi, 7″x7″, watercolor and gold leaf on paper.  Latin translation:  God is my light.  Working with the gold leaf and trying to make the rays of light coming off of the egg was tough!  In fact, in the photo the gold looks black but it is really shiny gold leaf.


Deposition with Butterflies

Newest painting.  This one is called “Deposition with Butterflies”, and is based on the painting, The Deposition by Rogier Van der Weyden.  Van der Weyden’s painting is a masterpiece of Christian art showing overwhelming grief in the faces of the subjects.  The size of the original is about 87″ x 103″ (or approximately life-sized).  My painting focuses on Mary (a seagull) with all of the faces of the other figures cropped out.  My painting is technically only 5″ x 5″ as the rest is the border of an inch all the way around.  I could go on and on about the original painting which can be found on Wikipedia here:  Deposition


“Deposition with Butterflies”, watercolor and 23.5K gold leaf on paper.  7″x7″.  Latin translation:  Attend and see if there be any sorrow like my sorrow.

Saint George and the Dragon


Saint George and the Dragon.  Watercolor and 23.5K gold leaf on D’Arches paper.  The Latin translation is: “Here there be dragons”.

Funny story.  I finished this painting on Friday and was walking home after the gym with clothes under one arm and groceries in one hand and this painting in a clear plastic bag in the other hand.  I got to the school near my house when I realized that the painting was missing!  It had fallen out of the bag on the way home.  I ran back to the studio asking people, “have you seen a painting”?  No one had seen anything.  I found it face down in the dirt by the duck pond and it was immaculately clean.  A miracle maybe?

Rainbow Jesus


Rainbow Jesus.  Latin:  There will be signs in the sun and the stars and on the earth.  Watercolor and 23.5K gold on watercolor paper.  Inspired by the Beaune Altarpiece (c. 1445–50), often called The Last Judgement, by the Flemish artist Rogier van der Weyden.