Day of the Dead




Dia de los Muertos.  This is me and Cesar behind the altar at Camino Silvestre.  Their altar was covered with folded origami cranes.  It was a freezing night!  The photo was taken by a lovely woman watching us from the shadows.  I would give her credit but I don’t know her name.  I have to admit that it took me forever to get all the paint out of my beard.

What would you think if you saw us coming toward you on a dark night?

The Archangels





The Four Archangels.  I found reference to a magical ceremony in which the archangels were summoned as protectors or guardians of the four quarters.  The Archangels were to be summoned before your magical ritual and then they are to be released in the opposite order after you are finished.  I guess they are to keep you safe while you are involved or vulnerable while performing your ceremony.  Raphael is the guardian of the East.  Michael is guardian of the South.  Gabriel is the protector of the West and Uriel is the guardian of the North.  I included the directions (in Latin) above the windows in each painting.  They each have a corresponding color (example:  Raphael is yellow).  They each had their own shape that I included as a brooch (example:  Raphael is an oval).  I tried to reflect the stories they are each known for except  for Michael.  Michael (San Miguel) was painted with the Paroquia here is San Miguel and he is dressed in the colors of the Mexican flag.  Uriel is thought to be the angel of death and that is why he is shown with the skeleton in the field of poppies.  Fun project.

The Holy Wedding

Just finished. It is my re-interpretation of the famous painting “The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait” by Jan van Eyck. I used a lot of the same elements from the original and then changed quite a few as well. In my painting Giovanni Arnolfini has become Jesus (with blessing hand) and Mrs. Arnolfini has become Mary Magdalene…a very pregnant Mary Magdalene. The Latin translated is: Blessed are you among women; this is declared to all nations.

“Holy Wedding”, copyright 2013 by Kelley Vandiver. Watercolor on paper, 7″ x 7″.  I have giclee prints of the “Holy Wedding” available in my studio.  Contact me for more information. 


New Painting


Holy Family



“Holy Wedding”, watercolor on paper with gold leaf.  The gold hasn’t been added yet.  I should be finished with the painting this week.

Butterfly Project

I recently finished a series of paintings of butterflies.  I painted them with pins in them.  My plan is to frame them in shadow boxes as if they were “real” collected butterflies.  Here are a few from the series of 13 that I painted:

ZodiacMothW AnchisiadesSwallowtailWTwoBirdwingsW